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#30: Crozier Blue

Crozier Blue is made by the Grubb family in Tipperary. You may be more familiar with Cashel Blue – their semi-soft cow’s milk blue  – but this one is their sheep’s milk cheese, and is in fact Ireland’s only sheep’s milk blue.

It has an off-white colour common to sheep’s cheeses, a modest amount of grey-blue veining, and a natural rind. Matured for longer than Cashel, it has a more traditional blue flavour complemented by the creaminess of the sheep’s milk. For those familiar with Mrs Bell’s, another sheep’s milk blue we’ve regularly had in the shop, I find Crozier creamier and a little less salty.

Let us know which you prefer.
Monty xx

PS have you seen me in the shop window? Think I may have enjoyed a few too many cheeses since the shop opened…