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#1: Stanage Millstone

Welcome to my first Cheese of the Week feature!

This cheese may look like I was a bit peckish during the night and gnawed my way through the middle hoping no-one would notice, but it is meant to look like that. Honestly. The clue is in the name – it is called Stanage Millstone after all.

It’s produced a few miles along the Hope Valley in Hathersage, by the Summerlins at Cow Close Farm. The cheese has only been on the market since Spring 2016, and will surely prove to be both a tasty and very stylish addition to any cheeseboard.

With a soft bloomy rind encasing a rich flavour and buttery texture, my top tip is to serve in wedges on Miller’s Cranberry and Raisin Toasts. In fact, this combination proved so popular at our Opening Party that we sold a fair few Toasts and also sold out of our stock of ‘ready-to-eat’ Millstones. We have more Millstones for sale, but they are still developing in the rind and won’t be ready to eat until Friday. Something for the weekend, perhaps?