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#29: Harlech Mature Cheddar with Horseradish and Parsley


Seemingly Chinley’s favourite cheese, Harlech is very recognisable in our fridge in its bright orange wax. It’s a mature cheddar – not too strong, and quite moist – with a real up-your-nose horseradish flavour and flecks of parsley. Thanks to Julie who requested this when we first opened – it was a new one on us, but has been going down a storm ever since.

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#13: Y-Fenni

The second instalment of our Wales month, this week’s cheese is Y-Fenni.

It’s a Welsh cheddar full of mustard seeds and a generous lug of ale, and makes a great start to a Welsh rarebit. Why not try with a splash of Henderson’s Relish or Lancashire Sauce? Both vegetarian and vegan friendly (unlike another regional sauce, which famously contains anchovies), the former is The Spicy Yorkshire Sauce, flavoured with tamarind & cloves, and the latter Probably the Most Versatile Sauce in the World, mildly spiced with curry flavours like fenugreek and cumin.

The Abergavenny Fine Food Company also make Harlech – cheddar with horseradish and parsley – which has become an ever-present in our fridge following a customer request.