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A Ditty

Roses are red, violets are blue, we have stilton and stamps, and soppy stuff* too…


Heart-shaped cheddar & Coeur de Bray brie


Unique truffle hearts that look too good to eat


Red velvet cake balls, sparkling pink wine

And of course cards for your valentine

* for those of you not so committed to valentine’s gifts being heart-shaped and/or pink, we have our usual range of tasty treats. Why not put together a gift of beer and biltong, coffee and chocolate, cheese and chutney, or just gin ; )

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Meet Montgomery Mouse

What-ho chaps!

My name is Montgomery Mouse, but you can call me Monty. I’ve recently taken up residence in Chinley Post Office, as I’ve heard a rumour there’s going to be a lot of cheese in there very soon.

I’ve got my whiskers crossed they’ll let me be chief taster. I can never quite make up my mind about my favourite cheese, but I’ll let you know what’s tickling my taste buds from time to time.